Online casinos are focusing mostly on the Christmas promotions, but there is one gambling operator that looks forward to what 2016 might bring. If you have an account with LeoVegas or plan on opening one this month, you will be entitled to compete for one of the 301 prizes.

The guaranteed prize pool stands at £100,000 and the winner will get the lion’s share, a massive paycheck of £25,000. If you finish among the top 50 players, you won’t go home empty-handed and will receive a four digit amount that should help you enter the New Year on the right foot. Even if your final position in the leaderboard ranks among the top 250 players, the £100 will be more than a pale consolation.

All those who make a qualifying deposit until the end of December will be awarded the ticket for the raffle and they can increase their chances by wagering in increments of €10. The bottom line is that you bet a lot of money in the remaining weeks of this month, you will have a better chance than your counterparts to win a prize.

New slot machines were also introduced and in order to mark the occasion, LeoVegas will offer a bundle of free spins. Players need to log into their accounts until December 24 to find out how many such free spins they received and use before Christmas when they finally expire.