Viktoria Plzen won the domestic championship at the expense of Sparta Praga and now has the chance of winning the Super Cup as well. For Jablonek who finished in the fourth place, this is the most important game of the year, as the Czech team won’t play in the European Cups in 2013.

Match: Viktoria Plzen vs Jablonek

Bet: Viktoria Plzen

Odds: William Hill 1.80

What makes Viktoria’s triumph even more impressive is that the team doesn’t have access to the same resources as rivals Sparta Praga. They rely mostly on Czech players even though their most successful striker comes from Slovenia, with Marek Bakos scoring 10 goals last season. He will be the only one to start in the offense tonight, with coach Vrba being the adept of a defensive style of football and given his recent results it is hard to go against him.

He has several midfielders with offensive valences and they will have plenty of opportunities to prove their worth against a mediocre defensive. Jablonek finished 16 points behind the leader and they were not even close of overtaking Slavia Praga for the third place, the last one to grant passage to Europa League. This makes this feature the highlight of the year for the visiting team and they will throw everything they’ve got at Viktoria Plzen. Unfortunately, they have only one reliable striker and Cizek is yet to score his first goal against Viktoria.

BetPal Tip:

Viktoria Plzen won the last game against Jablonek and they scored three goals away from home, which should give them plenty of confidence ahead of the Super Cup fixture. William Hill offers better than average odds of 1.80, making it worthwhile to back the reigning champions at full stakes.