It’s time for the second finalist to be decided and Real Madrid has the first chance to make it to the final, despite losing the first leg. They only need a narrow margin victory in Madrid to send Juventus home, but this won’t come easy given the known resilience of the Italian side. Betfair knows that the stakes are as high as they get and understands that some punters might be reluctant to bet on this game, so it raises the stakes and offers an irresistible money back deal.

All new customers who bet on Real Madrid to qualify will benefit from odds of 4/1 which represents value under the circumstances. On the other hand, the same players can choose to back Juventus to achieve the same result at even better odds of 7/1. Regardless of what happens, those who lose their money will be promptly reimbursed and the lost stakes will be returned in the form of a free bet.

Meanwhile, Ladbrokes is offering better odds on Ronaldo to score and Real Madrid to win up to 7/4 from 5/4. If you simply want to bet on Real Madrid to qualify, then the odds won’t exceed 3/1, yet this is still much better than what the vast majority of bookmakers currently offer. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Italian fans can bet on Tevez to Score and Juventus to win at truly spectacular odds of 10/1.