Every year, Sky Vegas invites players to embark on an epic quest and take a memorable trip that will change their lives forever. This December, the online casino is reaffirming its desire to send players on an amazing vacation and has the perfect campaign to celebrate this season offer. The rules are easy to understand and virtually all the games in their collection qualify, so you don’t have to make any difficult decisions when playing here.

Points are accumulated whenever players wager real currency and they will be traveling to seven different states, winning bonuses on the road. A qualifying week starts on Monday and concludes on Sunday, so players basically have seven days to accumulate as many comp points as possible. On Sunday at midnight, the competition starts all over again and the point balance is reset to zero.

If you didn’t have the time to participate on one week, then you only need to wait for the next Monday and you have the same chances as your more dedicated counterparts. The lucky winners will be paid within less than 48 hours after completing their virtual travel to one state and their prizes will be credited to their account after 6 PM.