Form is very important in major competitions, but in the final stages it is experienced that matters more and in most cases this is what makes the difference. Brazil won group a but just everyone expected, it was Norway who prevailed and secured a place in the semifinal against South Korea. Montenegro beat the odds and sent France packing, but they will face the more experienced team of Spain and will most likely be left fighting for the bronze medal.

Draw games are no longer acceptable

South Korea impressed everyone during group stage and lost a single match against France who would ultimately win the group. They showed great resilience against allegedly better teams and were clearly unimpressed by the reputations their opponents had in the quarterfinals. One of the most intense games the Asian nation has played at the 2012 London Olympics was the fixture against Norway. The game ended in a draw with each team scoring 27 points, something that won’t happen again tonight.

While it is very unlikely for 54 points to be scored once again one thing is certain and that’s the fact that someone will eventually prevail even if it takes overtime to determine a winner. Norway has one of the best teams in the world and plenty of European and world championships won to confirm their statute as favorites to win the Olympics. The Nordic team is famous for its ability to control the game from the first minute until the end, something that Korea is not used to. Odds of 1.75 are fair and those who want to slightly increase their value can take Bet365’s spread offer of -1 point at 1.90.

The demise of the sole survivor

It is a surprise to see that Bet365 and other bookies are giving Montenegro the first chance to advance to the Women’s Handball final and price Spain at odds of 2.50. The former Yugoslavian nation qualified from the fourth place in group A and only defeated Angola and Great Britain. The explanation for this insanely high odds can be found in the manner in which Montenegro performed in the quarterfinals, and the fact that they’ve sent Group B winners home.

France played awfully and eventually succumbed by a single point, but this doesn’t mean that Montenegro is now favorite to win the competition. Spain drew its confrontation with France 18-18 in the group stage, but since that low-scoring draw they regained their pace and should score considerably more tonight. This should be a fun game to watch, but those who care to make it more interesting shouldn’t let the odds these deceive them and back Spain to win.