The Colossus is the flagship bet of Colossus Bets, a new firm setup aiming to bring pool betting jackpots to football. The correct score multiple offers huge prizes (£10 million) and promises to be a genuine betting innovation – but what exactly is it?

The Colossus Bet

Colossus BetThe bet itself is a correct score prediction coupon, covering seven games. It operates in a very similar fashion to the Scoop 6 bet in Horse racing. Ticket money is pooled, so each line purchased adds to the value of the prize fund. Backers of Colossus Bets have already guaranteed prize funds of £10 million pounds for the first few weeks – and any rollovers could result in even more mouthwatering jackpots, competing with those available in the Euro Millions lottery.

To win a share of the initial £5 million jackpot, punters need to get the correct score in seven Premier League games. (The Colossus coupon may feature other games throughout the season, but will predominantly be Premier League based). There are seventeen score options per game, with three ‘Any other’ options for the more uncommon scorelines (Like Arsenal’s 7-3 win over Newcastle last year, or the 5-5 draw between West Brom and Manchester United). If a punter correctly picks all seven they win a share of the prize fund – but also get a shot at the bonus fund the following week, where they will need to pick one further correct score, to win a share of another £5 million.

Lines can be permed so multiple results can be selected in a single game. The odds of landing seven correct scores in the Premier League normally come in at around 850,000/1 so the bet may ultimately appeal to both fun punters and those who take their betting more seriously.

The Cash in feature allows backers to settle either part, or all of their ticket, part way through the schedule of games. So if four correct scores have landed, customers could cash in 50% or 70% of their ticket to secure a good payout, but let the remainder run, hoping for a share of the jackpot. This feature opens up some tactical options to permutations. Many people will be tempted into covering a few options in the earlier games, with a view to improving their chances of an early cash out. Others may take the opposing view, so that if one of their lines is successful part way through, there are plenty of chances of getting a winning line as their permutations cover more scorelines in the later games.

The ‘Quick Pick‘ button offers a quick route to some selections should customers want to leave their chances to luck. It has been configured based on probability, so should not throw up unlikely 4-0 away wins.

All in all, the Colossus looks like a great fun bet that could grow and grow. Huge jackpots will always make headlines, and with Coral’s ‘Football Jackpot‘ starting up this season too, it would appear that the bookmakers agree. The Colossus has the biggest jackpot of the lot and is well worth checking out, both for experienced football punters, and also those new to betting on the beautiful game.

Watch a demo of the Colossus below: