Australia tries to produce the second upset in less than three days, by sending the Americans home in the Men’s Basketball competition. It is an incredible scenario though and given the way the Dream Team played so far in the Olympics, most punters are more interested in backing them for winning the gold medal. Two equally exciting games will decide the teams from Europe and South America that will advance to the semifinals.

The second half makes the difference

With Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony, the United States have crushed their competition in group A and defeated Argentina by almost 30 points in the last round. As expected, the odds bookies offer are dismal and the only question is whether to take the spread of 32,5 points or not, since the odds are around evens. The Americans failed to cover the spread against Argentina but the result was too close to encourage punters to bet massive amounts tonight.

This would be the last quarterfinal of the day so there is still time for the bookmakers to offer odds for the halfway result, which should show a lot of promise. The United States crushed their opponents in the second half game of the game, and the explanation can be found in the length of each quarter. The players are used to stay on the field for a total of 48 minutes, which is the standard time in the NBA while in the Men’s Basketball competition each quarter lasts just 10 minutes. It is worth watching the game and if possible betting live at half time, to enjoy the highest odds for spreads.


Two continental disputes will be settled

France finished second in group A and will meet Spain in a quarterfinal where the Iberian team starts with the first chance, at least as far as Bet365 is concerned. Despite losing to both Russia and Brazil in the group stage and securing a narrow victory over Great Britain, Spain is regarded as favorite to advance in the competition. Those who have the guts to back France at the Moneyline will be rewarded with odds of 3.40, while the spread of +6 points will double their investment with the same bookmaker.

Punters are confronted with a similar situation in the other quarterfinal between two teams from South America, as Argentina has the lower odds in the clash with Brazil. In this case the spread is of only 4 points while a straight victory for the underdog is priced at 2.40 by Bet365, but both these bets are worth taking into account. The bottom line is that instead of choosing a Double and place Spain and Argentina on the same betting slip it is better to place individual bets on the underdogs.