Fans of the Terminator brand – and the Terminator 2: Judgement Day movie in particular – will surely be pleased to know that Microgaming, one of the best online slot games developers out there, have signed a licensing agreement that will allow them to release an online slot machine based on the award-winning classic. The actual date of release is yet to be specified, but this summer is the most likely candidate, so it shouldn’t be long until we are able to enjoy what should turn out to be a great Terminator 2 video slot. After all, the developers have already promised us a truly jaw-dropping experience – and their track record is so good that we are inclined to believe them!

Theme and GraphicsTerminator 2 Online Slot

The 1991 flick is best known for the revolutionary use of computer-generated graphics and visual effects, so we hope that this is where all the inspiration is going to come from for Microgaming. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the main star of the movie, is simply bound to make an appearance on the game’s symbols. Filling the online slots with plenty of awesome animations seems to be the current trend and we definitely expect Microgaming to deliver in that regard. Plenty of explosions and a dramatic soundtrack, that’s what should be on the cards for the upcoming Terminator 2 online slot machine. Nothing else would do, right?


Do we already know anything about the gameplay features? Well, believe it or not, we know quite a bit! The key thing is that the Terminator 2 online slot is going to feature the popular 243 Ways to Win system, so players can look forward to a steady stream of payouts. 243 is a decent enough number, but we should get even more chances to win during the free spins feature. 1024 chances, to be precise, so we’re all going to be sitting on the edge of our seats during the free spins! Apart from that, we also know that the free spins feature will be triggered by three or more Time Travel Orb symbols. That all looks quite appealing, so we’ll be hoping that the Terminator 2 online slot game will indeed fulfil all those promises and that we’ll be able to enjoy a truly polished slot game.

Our ExpectationsMicrogaming

The Terminator brand certainly deserves some sort of a revival and there’s no doubt that the 1991 movie was one of the brand’s real highs, so we’re truly excited to see that flick getting the online slot treatment. Microgaming have what it takes to produce an online slot machine that will fit right into the line of the Terminator brand, so we expect to be blown away by their adaptation of the movie that won four Academy Awards. Some of you probably won’t be too happy about seeing yet another slot game featuring the 243 Ways to Win system, but it’s just so popular that this detail isn’t particularly surprising. We’ll see what we’re going to get with the Terminator 2 online slot game – and you should also stay tuned for the full review, which will come soon after the official release.