Toronto recently secured a place in the playoffs, after defeating their bitter rivals by four goals to one. Ottawa is definitely a stronger opponent than Tampa Bay, but the Lightning will have home ice advantage and nothing to lose, which makes them a very dangerous team.

Match: Tampa Bay vs Toronto

Bet: Tampa Bay

Odds: Unibet 2.50

The main reason for why the odds are so generous and those who bet on Tampa Bay to prevail in regulation time can win twice and a half the amount invested is that the Lightning lost six games in a row. The most recent defeat was a particularly frustrating one, as they succumbed to a worse team and took its place at the bottom of the South Eastern division. If it wasn’t for Florida’s catastrophic season, Tampa Bay would be now officially the worst team in National Hockey League.

On the other hand, the Maple Leafs fought hard to secure a playoff spot and they made the most of a shorthanded team, struggling to fill up the gaps left by numerous injuries. Toronto now sits proudly on the fifth-place and their most likely opponent is Montréal, the team against which the Maple leafs were fairly successful in the past. Securing home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs is a tall order, and Toronto won’t push for such an achievement at the risk of suffering even more injuries.

BetPal Tip:

Tampa Bay has three more chances to end the current slide and avoid matching their eight games losing streak, with the best chance to prevail being tonight. Unibet will pay 2.50 odds for punters who place the wager on the Lightning to prevail in regulation time and even odds for a Moneyline wager.