Tampa Bay is trailing the Red Sox by four victories but at least they are within striking distance and can still make a successful run for the playoffs. The LA Angels have no chance of closing the gap separating them from Oakland, but can at least crash the party for the Rays and win the first series against them in 2 years.

Match: Tampa Bay vs LA Angels

Bet: LA Angels

Odds: Winner Sports 2.25

The Angels took the opening game in overtime and lost the second, but they will have the better pitcher on the mound tonight. Jason Vargas has a better than average ERA of 3.77 yet he suffered five defeats this season as a result of minimum run support. Jason was also sidelined for two months with a clot in his arm but made a successful recovery and won both starts since he returned.

He wasn’t very successful in his previous start against the Rays, but then again none of his teammates were as the Angels last won a series in 2011. With Jeremy Hellickson sent to the minors and Jake Odorizzi filling his place in the rotation, Los Angeles has a good chance of taking an early lead. The hosts have no choice but to trust the young pitcher and hope that he will last at least five innings although past performance suggests otherwise. He conceded an average of six runs per game in his few major league baseball outings and was hit hard by Mike Trout in each of his starts.

BetPal Tip:

Los Angeles Angels has a rare opportunity of winning a series against an opponent that kept them at bay for more than two years. They don’t have to compete against a veteran starting pitcher either, so the odds of 2.25 offered by Winner Sports for an away victory are excellent.