UK punters have a new reason to rejoice, because if the rumors are true, The Sun will enter the highly competitive online sports betting market with a top-notch product named Sun Sports. The popular newspaper has high expectations for its latest release and apparently they have both the resources and the know-how to succeed. The news broke at eGaming Review first and although the rumors are yet to be confirmed by the prominent publication, things could get serious very soon.

The Sun has both the audience and experience to run a successful bookmaker and if Sun Sports becomes a reality, UK punters will be the main beneficiaries. The newspaper isn’t alone in this endeavor and the most likely partner will be BetVictor. The two parties contemplate the opportunity of teaming up to take the UK sports betting market by storm and they seem to be close of reaching a consensus.

Fledgling bookmakers have a hard time attracting new customers as existing punters already have a bookie of choice, but this is not going to be a problem for Sun Sports. The project might be new, but the UK newspaper has an impressive customer base already, with more than 6 million people reading it regularly. These are the numbers provided by the National Readership Survey, so we have every reason to take these estimations seriously.

The Sun has been prospecting the market for years, in an attempt of finding the most suitable partner for the Sun Sports project. There was no shortage of bookmakers willing to tag along, but apparently the proposition made by BetVictor was the most convincing one. In the absence of any official statements from The Sun, punters will have to hang in there and wait to see what happens next.

Meanwhile, BetVictor representatives confirmed the fact that the bookmaker and the UK newspaper are engaged in discussions, but declined to make any further statements. There are good reasons to believe that Sun Sports will become a reality fairly soon, despite the fact that the UK sports betting market is very competitive. Playtech’s Geneity sportsbook runs a very successful venture and there are plenty of new players willing to compete for UK customers.

Sun Sports is a new concept, but this is not the first project ran by The Sun, which has very little to do with their core newspaper business. Sun Bet was mildly successful and several prominent bookmakers got involved at one point, but the new project is supposed to outstrip it in every imaginable way. The best proof that the kind of promotion that The Sun can generate makes the difference for fledgling projects, is the success of Sun Bingo.

The bingo website is going strong and the partnership with Gamesys proved to be mutually beneficial. Sun Sports will have to deal with significantly higher competition, as not only bookmakers, but also newspapers try to dominate this niche. The Guardian and FSB Technology drew first blood by launching, but The Sun has the potential of closing the gap and offsetting the handicap of a late start.

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