Steaua Bucharest is just one step away from reaching the Champions League groups but they’ll be facing their toughest opponent yet. The first leg will be played in Bucharest and the hosts are in dire need of a victory, as they can’t afford to travel to Poland for a match against Legia Warsaw on the back of a draw.

Match: Steaua Bucharest vs Legia Warsaw

Bet: Steaua Bucharest

Odds: William Hill 1.80

The Romanian team is undefeated in more than two months and won both games this season in the domestic championship. The local officials gave them plenty of time to prepare for this decisive match against Legia Warsaw by postponing two difficult matches. That’s why they only played two rounds instead of four but on the bright side the strategy worked because Steaua Bucharest can field the best team.

Coach Reghecampf uses a standard 4-4-2 starting formation but so far midfielders have scored the most goals, with the players to watch for tonight being Popa, Chipciu and Bourceanu. Steaua is a team used to creating and squandering many scoring opportunities and they need to turn into a more pragmatic team if they want to make a deep run in the Champions League. The visitors on the other hand have no less than nine strikers to choose from tonight, yet they are very likely to start with Saganowski and Kosecki.

BetPal Tip:

Steaua Bucharest is clearly the favorite to win tonight and although the highest odds don’t exceed 1.80, there is plenty of value to warrant a wager. William Hill could be the bookmaker of choice for those who trust the Romanians to prevail, although the odds are expected to drop as the kickoff draws near.