The Cardinals are back to square one after losing the four game of the series and once again they need to win a match away from home to win the World Series. Another failure tonight would virtually wipe out their chances and Adam Wainwright is the one that they rely on, despite his slip in the opening game.

Match: St Louis vs Boston

Bet: St Louis

Odds: Winner Sports 1.83

The starting pitcher was tagged for five runs at Fenway Park, but he posted impressive numbers at Busch Stadium throughout the regular season. Unlike his younger and less experienced colleagues, he is quite used to playing in postseason games and has already lead his team to victory in the series against Pirates. What he needs is a better run production from his teammates who have been slacking so far, but the sluggers will need to find a way of outplaying Lester.

Jon had it easy in the opening game of the series but this doesn’t mean that he failed to do his part. The last two games were hectic and both teams won as a result of obstruction respectively a pickoff, something that hasn’t happened in the previous 1400 matches. At Busch Stadium, Lester doesn’t have a remarkable performance but his main advantage is that he is one of the most experienced starting pitchers.

BetPal Tip:

The Cardinals will be playing with a sense of urgency because unless they return to Fenway Park with a slight advantage, the series will most likely be lost. The odds for a home victory are not too high, with Winner Sports offering 1.83 but they could go slightly higher as kickoff draws near.