The third game in the series was a highly contested one and St. Louis emerged victorious by the odd run, this time without receiving any freebies from their opponents. Boston didn’t play its a-game though and it is hard to believe that they will tonight, when their starting pitcher is not completely recovered.

Match: St Louis vs Boston

Bet: Over 7.5 runs

Odds: Winner Sports 1.91

This time, the Red Sox were very upset with the umpire whom they considered to have wronged them by ending the game on a technicality. Boston players were convinced that they were done an injustice and complained after the game concluded, yet the replay showed that the umpire was right. Less than 24 hours later, they will need to rebound and play their very best if we are to level the score, but they also depend on Clay Buchholz to last six innings or more.

The starting pitcher hasn’t recovered completely and even though he claims that he is fit to play, his performance in the playoffs was less than impressive. He allowed an average of 4.5 runs per game and is yet to win a decision, which makes it hard to believe that he will make it past the five inning. On the other hand, the visitors are not particularly worried about Lance Lynn who played just once in the postseason in 2013 and failed to win the decision. His earned run average is virtually the same and the Red Sox could take advantage of his struggles and lack of experience to push the Cardinals into a corner.

BetPal Tip:

There is literally no reason to back either team tonight, because the odds for more than 7.5 runs to be scored stand at 1.91 with Winner Sports. Basically, the bookmaker offers better odds for the runs total than an outright winner and with these two starting pitchers on the mound, at least eight runs should be scored.