The Cardinals can consider themselves lucky to have gotten away with a victory in the second game of the World Series. Their starting pitcher gave them a fighting chance, but victory was the result of a string of unforced errors committed by Boston players. Now that the series returns to St. Louis, the hosts can’t afford to wait for the Red Sox to make more mistakes, because this is unlikely to happen.

Match: St Louis vs Boston

Bet: St Louis

Odds: Winner Sports 1.91

The good news is that the Cardinals have the potential of winning the game over the Red Sox without receiving any gifts from the opponents. Joe Kelly is a young starting pitcher but so far he didn’t give St. Louis any reason to be upset with his performance both in the regular season and the playoffs. In fact, starting pitchers were not to be blamed for the few defeat suffered by the Cardinals this October, and more is expected from the offensive unit.

When given the chance, the sluggers scored the necessary runs to put St. Louis ahead, but they will need to step up their efforts against Jake Peavy. The starting pitcher was slightly better than expected in 2013, but he is yet to return to the stellar level of pitching showcased three years ago when he was playing for San Diego. Boston has its own offensive woes to address and occasional sparks from David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia are not sufficient to give the Red Sox a clear edge in the World Series.

BetPal Tip:

St. Louis lost a single home game this playoffs and even though the Red Sox are the best opponent they faced so far, they still have the first chance of winning. The odds for a home victory stand at 1.91 with Winner Sports, just good enough to back the Cardinals to take the lead for the first time in the series.