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Sports Betting Strategy

A Guide to Over/Under Betting

The Over/Under bet is another daunting description for a bet that is enormously simple. Once fully understood, this type of wager provides excellent betting [...]

Guide to Asian Handicap Betting

As the name suggests, Asian Handicap odds originated in Asia, where they were seen as a way to create viable betting opportunities on events that [...]

How To Find Sure Bets

Would you like to know how to bet on sports for no risk? That’s right, it is possible to place sports bets and guarantee [...]

Guide To Betting Exchanges

Since the introduction of betting exchange sites like Betfair eleven years ago, the world of sports betting has been completely revolutionised. However, a great [...]

Guide To Ante Post Sports Betting

If you’ve ever heard the sports betting term “Ante Post” and wondered exactly what it meant, then look no further our guide to ante [...]

Getting Started With Football Betting

There is more to football betting than just selecting which team you think will win. There are a whole host of different types of [...]

Sports Betting Strategy – Improve Your Winnings

When betting on sports, there is one very simple strategy that everyone can employ in order to yield greater returns – and yet many [...]