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Sports Betting Strategy

Finding Football Betting Value

Millions are staked every week on football betting coupons up and down the country. The bulk of this money will be placed on high [...]

Innovative Betting Markets – Ladbrokes Quatro

In a time of unparalleled competition, Bookmakers continue to innovate with new bets and markets in order to keep money coming in. These choices [...]

Football Betting: Form Or Motivation?

A key factor which many people consider when placing a bet is form. When betting on horse races for example, a quick glance at [...]

Spread Betting Shirt Numbers Explained

Spread betting introduces many new betting options for the informed gambler, but for those new to spread betting, the array of markets can be [...]

Sports Spread Betting Guide

Spread betting on Sport opens up a whole new world of betting opportunities, but the added risk and bewildering array of figures turn many [...]

William Hill Text Betting Service

Bookmakers are falling over themselves to offer punters the quickest and easiest ways to bet, and William Hill have created a new service that [...]

Betfair ‘Cash out’ Option

Have you ever seen a winning bet suddenly turn into a loser because of a late goal?  Then you may have wished that there [...]

Basics Of Online Horse Racing Betting

Betting on horse racing has been a very popular pastime for millions of people all over the world for decades. However, with the introduction [...]

Betting Exchange Odds Comparison

Shrewd bettors will always consult an odds comparison service before striking a bet on their fancies. Betting Exchanges however, cloudy the waters somewhat. Traditional [...]

Identifying Betting Value

The term ‘Value’ is used incessantly in the world of betting. Bookmakers, pundits, tipsters and punters all mention it throughout their respective betting operations [...]