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Sports Betting Strategy

How To Read A Greyhound Race Card

For a non-regular greyhound bettor, an initial look at a greyhound race card may seem somewhat daunting with a mass of numbers and information. [...]

How to bet: A guide to betting on Rugby Union

Rugby Union is now an all year round Sport for the Bettor and primarily the game is divided into the Northern Hemisphere contests, which [...]

Betting Bank Management

Betting bank management is an important element to successful long term betting. Breaks in competition offer the opportunity to assess performance, and reconsider betting [...]

Dutch Eredivisie Betting Guide

The Dutch have always been quite passionate about football and that translates both into the support their national team gets and into the popularity [...]

Italian Serie A Betting Guide

Football has a very long tradition in Italy and it goes without saying that Italy’s top football league, which is also known as Serie [...]

Portuguese Primeira Liga Betting Guide

The Portuguese football league might be a bit hidden in the shadows of its Spanish counter-part, but it is nonetheless a league that deserves [...]

German Bundesliga Betting Guide

The German Bundesliga is one of the strongest leagues in the world and its teams regularly participate in competitions like the Champions League or [...]

Football Trading in-play and the effect of goals

In-play betting has exploded in recent years and football trading is now a lucrative strategy for many bettors. In the first in a series [...]

French Ligue 1 Betting Guide

Moving further away from the British Isles, it is hard to forget about the football heritage of France. These days, Ligue 1 might not [...]

Spanish La Liga Betting Guide

The Spanish La Liga might not be as renowned as the English Premier League, but many would actually argue that it is the number [...]