When betting on sports, there is one very simple strategy that everyone can employ in order to yield greater returns – and yet many sports bettors choose to ignore it. In fact, by taking this small point into consideration, it is possible to extract up to 20 percent more from winning sports bets. Don’t believe us? Read on.

One thing that a sports bettor cannot do, is improve the chances of his or her bet actually winning, but one variable that definitely can be controlled, is the price taken. Many sports bettors stick to placing their bets with their regular bookmaker, which is a terrible mistake to make, as shopping around can seriously improve your winnings.

There are so many different bookmakers out there that competition to attract your business is hot. Most online bookmakers will offer you a free bet for signing up (which is another way to improve your winnings, but that’s for another article) and the odds compilers are constantly under pressure to get things right.

This, along with slight differences in the statistical models companies use to compile sports betting prices, leads to discrepancies between different bookmakers which can often be quite large. A quick scan of one of the many popular online odds comparison services makes finding the best price on offer really simple, so there’s really no excuse not to take advantage of these price discrepancies in order to improve your winnings. In fact, here at BetPal.com we offer the possibly most comprehensive odds comparison service on the net.

Take this weekend’s match between Sheffield United and Norwich City as an example. Sheffield United are available to back at 2.5 with bwin, 2.63 with Bet365 and as big as 2.7 with William Hill.

If you have a £20 bet on Sheffield United with William Hill and the Blades do the business, you’ll get back £54, as opposed to the £50 you’d get from bwin. Your winnings have been improved by £4 on that one bet alone, just by spending a few seconds browsing an odds comparison service.

If you place a bet every weekend during the football season and managed to extract an extra £4 each time, you’re looking at between £150 and £200 a season, just from that single bet.

If you spread your sports betting bankroll across four or five different bookmaker accounts, you can improve your winnings by as much as 10% and by using as many as eight or nine different accounts, you can yield and extra 15 to 20%.

Many sports bettors say that they just can’t be bothered to sign up to new accounts, but that’s a crazy attitude. The few minutes that you spend filling in the form will be rewarded with a free bet. Bet365 for example, currently offer new accounts as much as £200 in free bets.

Other sports bettors argue that they would rather stick with a bookmaker that they trust and that’s understandable – the safety of the money used to place your sports bets is a top priority. But there are so many big name, reputable bookmakers doing business on the internet these days.

As previously discussed, just four or five different accounts can boost your sports betting returns by as much as 10% – Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral, Paddy Power and Victor Chandler are five of Britain’s largest and most trusted bookmakers. That’s 10% worth of extra winnings waiting for you, whilst still offering you peace of mind regarding your bankroll.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve taken a few minutes to read these article on how to improve your sports betting returns, so take another few minutes to check out our odds comparison and open some new bookmaker accounts!