Those who still think that the online gaming industry is more or less about providing the typical casino experience should think again – online slots are all the rage right now and we can honestly say that they’re much better than going to a brick-and-mortar casino! Gone are the bland online slot machines that were trying to reproduce the Las Vegas experience – modern online slots are full of stunning graphics, exciting gameplay features, and above-the-standard payouts.

The Best Slots Online

These online casinos have the best slot machines right now.

Reviews of Online Slot Machines

There is finally an online slot based on the excellent Aliens movie. Plenty of well-known brands are set to make their arrival onto the scene of online slot gaming this year – and it's good to know that we can already kick things off with Net Entertainment's exciting release of a slot machine that will please everyone who has enjoyed the cult Aliens franchise that is still as popular as ever.
Big Bang
Net Entertainment have been pummelling the online slots scene with a steady stream of new releases, but, judging from the quality of their most recent ones, that can only be a good thing for the players. After all, it's always nice to be able to choose from a range of games instead of having to return to the ones we've all played before again and again. And, if all those games are of a high standard, then even better! Big Bang, which is among the newest batch of games, is certainly among the better online slot machines out there, combining an exciting theme and graphics with the interesting progressive multiplier feature.
Creature from the Black Lagoon
The 1954 classic, Creature from the Black Lagoon, has always had its cult following, but the rumours of a possible remake have sparked a new interest, so it isn't too surprising to see Net Entertainment springing into action straight away with a brand new online slot machine. The question is obvious – is the company just trying to capitalize on the news or is it a legitimately good game that will keep you entertained for more than just a short session? Well, you'll be glad to know that the latter is true.
Game of Thrones
February has been full of exciting press releases and virtually every single player in the online casino gaming industry is trying to impress the world with a few shock announcements, but Microgaming have made it to the most headlines – and rightly so. They are set to release three branded online slot machines in 2014, but it's clear that their partnership with HBO, which is going to lead to the release of the Game of Thrones online slot game, is what we are all already looking forward to. Microgaming have enough experience when it comes to online slots that involve a fantasy setting – just remember the recent Avalon II video slot, for example – so chances are that we're going to see something truly spectacular.
Jurassic Park
Microgaming might have impressed us with online slots like Immortal Romance or Thunderstruck II, but they have also always found something special for their branded slots – just remember their magnificent The Dark Knight Rises video slot! Well, it seems that these guys have decided to send a few shockwaves through the online gaming world in 2014 – not only with their upcoming Game of Thrones online slot game and their adaptation of the second Terminator movie, but also with the release of an online slot machine that will bear the brand of one of the most successful movie trilogies, Jurassic Park. We expect nothing but a great experience that will allow us to go back in time and relive some of our favourite Jurassic Park moments!
Mega Fortune
Big jackpots have always been among the major attractions of online gaming and the Mega Fortune online slot, which has been developed by Net Entertainment, definitely stands out in that regard. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the game that you will absolutely need to play if you'd like to have a shot at that dream payout. At the time of writing, it was actually even the Guinness World Record holder of the largest online jackpot payout ever, having paid out 17.8 millions of Euros at the start of 2013. That alone would make it a must-play game, but the fact that it's a very good online slot on its own makes it even better than that!
Mega Moolah
There are plenty of online slots with progressive jackpots around these days, but there's a good reason for Mega Moolah being a true classic on the scene. Microgaming, the masterminds behind many great games, have decided to go with not one, but four progressive jackpots in Mega Moolah, instantly making it one of the most exciting games around as far as fat pay-checks are concerned. Make no mistake though – the Mega Moolah online slot is not only about those jackpots. It's also about fabulous graphics, rock-solid gameplay, and all-round entertainment.
Terminator 2
Fans of the Terminator brand – and the Terminator 2: Judgement Day movie in particular – will surely be pleased to know that Microgaming, one of the best online slot games developers out there, have signed a licensing agreement that will allow them to release an online slot machine based on the award-winning classic. The actual date of release is yet to be specified, but this summer is the most likely candidate, so it shouldn't be long until we are able to enjoy what should turn out to be a great Terminator 2 video slot. After all, the developers have already promised us a truly jaw-dropping experience – and their track record is so good that we are inclined to believe them!
Twin Spin
The designers from Net Entertainment might be best known for their constant efforts to find new themes that could be implemented into their slot games, but, every now and then, even they like to look back into the treasure trove that the history of slot gaming undoubtedly is. And it must be said that they've managed to come up with an absolute gem in the form of their new Twin Spin online slot. Combining the classic old-school Las Vegas theme with – as they call it – new-age video-slot technology, this new online slot machine is a dream come true for everyone who's been looking for a new classic.

Types of Online SlotsTwin Spin

The one thing that stands out the most, however, is the sheer number of online slots that players can choose from. Basically, there are three types of online slot machines. Firstly, there are games that are trying to recreate the traditional slots experience, going with all the standard rules. Secondly, there are modern games that bank on fabulous audiovisuals, innovative gameplay mechanics, and different sets of betting rules – in fact, the most fashionable games of this day and age offer up to 243 ways to win! And, finally, there are the jackpot online slots that offer you a chance to win life-changing sums of money. And we mean it – there are millions of pounds to be won in quite a few of them!

How to Play on Slot Machines

What makes online slots so great is how easy everything is. Once you select your desired game, there is very little you will need to be worried about when playing slots online. You may want to give the rules a quick glance, but, if you aren’t overly worried about the nuances and details (most people aren’t worried about them in traditional casinos, after all), you will just need to adjust your bets according to how many lines you want to bet on and how big your stake should be. The more lines you bet on, the higher your chances of winning will be. And remember – some of the biggest jackpot online slots won’t allow you to win the top prizes unless your bets fulfil certain criteria!

After that, it’s all about fun – and you can be sure that the game designers have been doing their best to provide a truly fabulous entertainment that will be enjoyed by both newcomers and gaming veterans. So sit back and immerse yourself in the stunning visuals – with a little bit of luck, you’ll even be able to walk away with a full wallet!

The Top of the CropMega Fortune

So where should you start then? What are the best slots out there that everyone needs to try? Well, let us give you our suggestions. If you like the classic feel and if standard slots are your thing, we can heartily recommend two old-school online slot machines, Arabian Nights and Beach Life.

However, if you’d like to try something more modern and more innovative, you should definitely try The Dark Knight Rises and Twin Spin. And, if you feel like starting with a completely unorthodox game, check out the Max Damage and the Alien Attack online slot. Finally, if you’d like to have a shot at winning a big jackpot, we’ll point you in the direction of Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, the two biggest classics of the genre.

Our advice is to start with the aforementioned ones – they should give you a good idea about what it’s all about. And, once you grasp that, you should start exploring on your own – perhaps by checking one of our online slot reviews or by registering at one of our recommended online casinos and jumping straight into the action. There are so many great online slots to be enjoyed out there!