San Diego lost the opening game of the series against Colorado and this defeat marked the 10th consecutive game lost by the Padres. Tonight they will send in their best pitcher in attempt of tying the score but this might not be enough if the hitting unit doesn’t rebound quickly.

Match: San Diego vs Colorado

Bet: Colorado

Odds: Winner Sports 2.15

Colorado is not traditionally a strong traveling team, but yesterday they did a brilliant job in forcing an early retirement of Edinson Volquez. As expected, he didn’t last more than five innings and was relieved by a bullpen that only made things worse for the Padres. At least tonight, the host will send in a pitcher who kept his earned run average below for, but recent performance is anything but encouraging for Eric Stultz.  He lasted just four innings in his last two outings and concede a total of 10 runs all earned.

The Rockies put their hopes in Jhoulys Chacin who has as ERA of 3.74 and except for his last start against the Dodgers, he was very sharp in June. Unlike his counterpart, he can brag about 8 victories and just three defeats in 2013 and he has his teammates to thank for this brilliant record. He constantly does his part and stands on the mound for more than six innings, while the hitting team provides the much-needed runs of support.

BetPal Tip:

Compared to yesterday, Winner Sports offers even better odds for Colorado to win, with complete disregard to what happened in the opening game. This means that we have even more arguments in favor of backing the Rockies to extend their lead, while the Padres sink even deeper in the Western division by losing 11 consecutive games.