There might be plenty of different casino games out there, but only a few of them have managed to gain massive popularity in every single corner of the world. Roulette is undoubtedly one of those games – and it’s therefore hardly surprising that it is one of the games that online casinos care about the most.

Let’s therefore take a closer look at what online roulette is all about, starting with the basics and then examining the latest innovation, live roulette online. The landscape is vast and colourful – hopefully, this guide will give you a clear picture of what’s in the store for roulette fans that would like to enjoy their favourite game online.

Play Roulette Online at These Casinos

The Basics

The game of roulette has a very long history and it is clear that its simplicity is what has made it so popular all around the world. In fact, there are no real rules – you can only choose what you bet on and how much you want to bet on those options. The spin then takes place, determining the winning number and, in turn, the winning bets. The chips are redistributed accordingly and a new round can start straight away – it is simple and it is indeed a lot of fun!NetEnt Roulette

There are two main types of bets, inside bets and outside bets – the names come from the fact that outside bets are placed outside the area on which the numbers are depicted, while inside bets are placed inside that particular area. The outside bets cover larger areas of the wheel, which means that they come with higher chances of winning and lower payouts, making them the weapon of choice for many a casual player – it should be no surprise that the most popular bet is on whether the number will be red or black!

Many betting systems have been developed for roulette over the years – the most important ones are examined in a separate section of our website.

Why Online?

Roulette is available in every single casino – so why should you actually bother with playing it online? Surely, the atmosphere cannot be as electric when you cannot see an actual ball rolling around before finding its place on the wheel, can it? Well, with the advent of live roulette, it actually can – but atmosphere has never been the main reason for the game’s popularity.Playtech Roulette

And, if you indeed enjoy roulette mainly for its fast and exciting gameplay, playing online might certainly be your cup of team. Everything is streamlined to make the game as enjoyable as it could possibly be, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy everything without having to worry about placing your chips in the right spots, making your bets in time, or collecting your winnings in a timely manner. To top things off, online casinos will also greet you with generous bonuses and special offers – we can guarantee that, unless you are a particularly high-rolling player, you are going to get much more for free online than you would get in a traditional casino.

Where to Play

Alright, that may all be fine, but where should you actually start your journey? Every single online casino offers roulette – but are there actually any differences between the different versions of the game? With the answer to that question being a resounding yes, let’s examine what the three main developers of online games actually offer.

Net Entertainment – First of all, there is the elegant version of the game from Net Entertainment, which has its best representative in the so-called Roulette Pro and which can be found at Casino Room and Betsson. If you are looking for a very neat package that has all you are ever going to need, go for this version of the game, especially if you also like to experiment with the different special bets. Unlike the rest of the bunch, the Net Ent’s version allows you to see what numbers are hot, what numbers are cold, and even place the special kinds of bets with a single click of the mouse. And, to top things off, its interface is – without the slightest doubt – the slickest around, so you are not going to get confused at any point.

Playtech – Playtech’s roulette comes in many different flavours and you can find it over at Bet365 and Paddy Power. The selection of specialities is tremendous, so those who enjoy picking a different set of rules here and there will surely enjoy that freedom. However, it pales in comparison with its competitors when it comes to the graphics and the interface. Some of you may like it for its relative simplicity, but it would nevertheless be legitimate to expect something better in this day and age. Our recommendation is to pick it up only if you want to enjoy something different from time to time. Strangely enough, even the popular “fast play” feature is hidden deep inside the options menu, making it rather hard to find.Microgaming Roulette

Microgaming – This is an excellent roulette game that you can enjoy at Ladbrokes and UK Casino Club. Its design is slightly different from the other two, but we would actually say that it is different in a good way. In fact, it seems that it brings everything together in a very concise packaging that should appeal to both newcomers and experts. The interface is slick, there is a “turbo“ option for those who want a pacier gameplay, and you can even make your own table layouts that will bring your favourite special bets settings to your disposal in a single click of the mouse. You can configure everything here – from how the winning roll will be displayed to the colour of the table – and that is the number one aspect which makes this particular version of the game stand out above the rest of the field.

Live Roulette

With so much competition everywhere, online casinos are forced to come up with innovative ideas here and there – and live roulette, which can now be found almost everywhere, is one of such innovations. The basic premise is simple – why shouldn’t the online casinos allow their players to enjoy a true casino experience with live croupiers and genuine spins?Live Roulette

Live roulette is a dream come true for players that want to feel exactly as they would feel in a real casino even when sitting in front of their computer screens – live action is streamed directly to your home, allowing you to interact with the croupiers and fully enjoy the proceedings. The atmosphere is superb and we are sure that you will be grabbed by the experience – the social aspect is tremendous and the thrill of winning is always much more rewarding with the ball clicking firmly in its place and with real chips flying in your direction straight away.

However, some players might nevertheless prefer the classic version of the game, as the gameplay is generally a bit pacier – you don’t have to wait for the other players, after all – and the interface isn’t as cluttered as it is in the live version of the game.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there is plenty to be explored if you happen to be a roulette fan that hasn’t had a go at playing online just yet or that hasn’t been around for more than just a few spins. There is only one thing to do in that case – make those few clicks and register yourself at Casino Room, Ladbrokes, or Paddy Power. We can guarantee that you will be in for a tremendous experience – just don’t forget to take advantage of all the different bonuses and special offers that are out there!