Looking to find a way to watch all your favorite sports in one place? Look no further than,!

This brand new service, which is the brainchild of gaming affiliate company, Raketech, promises to do just that, as well providing you with loads more useful services to boot!

It is the perfect venue to watch all the upcoming champions league action, including tonight’s Roma V Liverpool match, as well as all the other upcoming European action in the next fortnight and beyond.

It comes at the perfect time for all football fans to catch the closure of the domestic season, plus with the World Cup 2018 just two months away, it provides the optimum method to not miss a single kick of the action!

 ”The perfect accessory for sports enthusiasts living in the UK”

The concept began in Sweden, where its founders, Jens Alen and Alexander Simeonidis, first rolled it out.

It proved a big hit and after a number of successful years of providing the platform to the Scandinavian market, Raketech picked up the concept and has now made it accessible to the UK sports fans. They are delighted with the opportunity to branch out into more markets, stating that, “We are now extremely pleased to have the opportunity to expand into the UK market. We hope and believe that will be the perfect accessory for sports enthusiasts living in the UK.”   Raketech

Which will comes as music to the ears of all sports fans in Britain, as the all-encompassing services, gives the user access to not just Football, but all other favorites of UK residents, including Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Cricket and Formula 1 Racing!

The move with the service to the UK is the perfect location for the service, with the UK offering such an impressive sports culture, which CEO of Raketech, Michael Holmberg, made clear was the intention to utilize.

Speaking about the launch of the service, he said,“We saw there was a need for a new product, that matches televised fixture listings, with engaging content and a comprehensive listings schedule from a single integrated media platform.”

A Quintessential Guide to Sporting Action This Summer!

TVSportGuideAnd indeed, this is exactly what the user will be able to access the service. As well as where to watch their favorite sports, they will also have all the other information they could possibly want about it at their fingertips.

This means, lineups, statistic, tables, and fixtures, not to mention, all users will also gain access to dedicated content and exclusive features for the most popular upcoming competitions!

So, as you can see, this is more than just a great way to watch your favorite sports, but a quintessential guide for everything you may need to know about them!

The service means that you will be able to find all you need to know about the upcoming events in the sporting calendar, then find out exactly where to watch them.

Which is perfect, as with such an exciting few weeks of football lately and loads more to come in the upcoming weeks, you need this service right now!

Find all you need to know about Roma V Liverpool match tonight, and then pop back tomorrow and get the same service again for the matchup between the powerhouses of Europe when Bayern Munich face up against Real Madrid! will change the way to access your favorite spots forever, so get involved today and never miss out on essential sporting information ever again!