One of the things that these two teams have in common is the fact that they play their best football in front of their fans and struggle away from home. They were separated by only six points last year but thanks to the high number of wins earned at home, neither of them struggled to stay in Primera Division. They have the same objective for this season, and we have good reasons to expect the action to unfold in a similar fashion.

Match: Mallorca vs Espanyol

Bet: Mallorca

Odds: bet365 2.00

This game will be a special one for Javi Marquez who used to play for Espanyol and will start today in Mallroca’s midfield. He spent the last seven years playing for the Barcelona located team, so the first round of 2012-2013 Primera Division will be emotional for him. For the Balearics, the addition of the 26-year-old midfielder can be regarded as the exception to the rule, as Mallorca lost no less than 10 players during the season break. Coach Caparros says that he’s confident that his team will play the same solid game at home despite these transfers and counts on the new additions to feel the gaps.

An impeccable track record for the hosts

Antonio Lopez left Atletico Madrid for Mallorca and the specialists expect him to retire after two or three seasons played in the island. His experience will be extremely valuable for a team who changed a significant part of its roster and he will play at right-back instead of Pau Cendros. The hosts are not intimidated by Espanyol and given their track record they have no reason to fear a team that defeated them just twice away from home.

15 out of 30 matches were played in the island and Mallorca secured 10 wins, while drawing three and losing two. Espanyol has a very similar percentage in Barcelona but that will not help them tonight, especially now that they have their own roster issues to worry about. The visitors enjoyed the unexpected support of talented players who were on loan last season, but as they returned to their teams, the Catalans are hard pressed to fill the gaps quickly.

BetPal Tip:

Nobody truly knows how Mallorca will play this season, if they will improve their away record or win less games in front of fans. They have a different team this year and with more players leaving the squad during the season break then coming, there are serious questions to be answered. Past performance encourages us to trust the hosts again, while Bet365’s odds of 2.00 should provide us with the incentive needed to overcome hesitations and place the bet.