Pinnacle Sports have released a redesigned user interface, dubbed Asian view. The firm have incorporated some of the feedback received from customers, and taken some of the popular features that bettors like to use from around the world. The result is a clear, configurable betting area, ideally suited for live betting – whilst still enjoying all the benefits of Pinnacle’s superior odds and high limits.

Pinnacle Sports Asian View – What is new?

Pinnacle Sports Asian View menuThe new layout is designed with live betting and betting in play in mind – so the first thought is ease of betting, and speed of betting. The new betting slip has been created to improve both of those things. The slip replaces the old bet confirmation process, which makes things less complicated, and quicker – both very important for betting in play.

The Classic view (as the older format is now known) had issues where changing odds were concerned. Bettors were not shy in letting Pinnacle know, so the firm have done something about it. The new bet slip allows odds to change automatically, without the need to start the betting process again. One single click to accept the new odds is now all that is required.

The slip allows the player to enter the amount they want to risk, or alternatively, enter the amount they would like to win, and the slip will then update with the appropriate stake to produce that win. The foot of the betting slip then displays the limits that apply to that specific market. Pinnacle Sports pride themselves on being extremely open about their limits, and challenge traditional bookmakers to do the same. This is becoming a bigger and bigger issue for serious bettors, with social media sights seeing more and more reports of ridiculous limits being imposed on customers by bookmakers.

Asian View Menu Logic

Pinnacle Asian view betslipAnother change within Asian view concerns the menus. Games are now grouped based on their kick off time, rather than geographic League. So “Live” is literally a list of games underway, while “Today” and “Early markets” list games to come. For those who liked the League structure, those lists are still available.

The display is also configurable for personal taste. Pinnacle have setup the Asian view with the Asian betting market in mind initially, so handicaps are to the fore. The ‘Single‘ view expands to include other market lines, and the ‘Double‘ view is the likely choice for European gamblers, and it shows the 1×2 market. Further choices ensure each user can be confident they have the right markets displaying for them whenever they login.

Another small change is the ability to set a time zone for the site. This removes any of the potential confusion that betting on events all over the globe can create. It is a simple change, but illustrates the attention to detail within this redesign.

If all this change overwhelms users, they can simply switch back to the Classic view at any time.

Pinnacle Sports – The best option for the professional approach.

Pinnacle Sports are the bookmaker of choice for serious gamblers who simply want the best prices most often, and do not like their bets to be limited. This latest redesign will expand that appeal even further and is sure to see the reputation for this unique betting firm grow and grow.