Pinnacle Sports were founded in 1998 and is now recognised as one of the largest sports betting operators in the world, with a presence in over 100 countries. Their approach to sports betting is unique, as they bet to extremely tight margins, offering far greater odds than their rivals in the sports betting industry and actively encouraging smart gamblers to join them, refusing to limit the size of their bets.

Product Range

Pinnacle Sports offer a solid range of betting markets, but are sadly lacking in some major betting opportunities such as horse racing. Most major sports are available to bet on with Pinnacle, from football, basketball and baseball right through to niche markets like Mixed Martial Arts and Chess, and there is a strong focus on US sports.

Product Range Rating 3 / 5


Customer support is available by email 24 hours a day, seven days a week and in fifteen different languages. There are comprehensive guides in the FAQ section of the Pinnacle website, but the absence of a “Live Help” or telephone support number lets Pinnacle down somewhat.

Support Rating 3 / 5


Pinnacle’s unique selling point amongst online bookmakers is that they don’t offer any attention grabbing bonuses, because they don’t need to – they simply offer amazing value in their odds, by betting to extremely tight margins. Similarly, Pinnacle have a tremendous reputation in the sports betting industry for allowing winning players to continue to bet, without restricting their stakes. You can look at this in one of two ways – if you are a casual sports bettor, their lack of bonuses is awful, but if you are a regular punter who likes to play higher stakes, the ability to do so at Pinnacle is a bonus in itself.

Bonuses Rating 3 / 5


The Pinnacle website is fairly basic, but don’t let that fool you. The “no frills” approach allows bettors to navigate straight to their chosen bets and get them placed quickly and easily. Pinnacle only use the very best and most trusted financial partners, which has earned them a fantastic reputation when it comes to processing payments reliably and at speed. Furthermore, Pinnacle are committed to providing customers with genuinely helpful information to help them place their bets; check out the “Dynamic Lines” function, which tells players how the odds are changing in any given market, allowing players to place more informed bets.

Technology Rating 4 / 5

Prices / Odds

As previously explained, Pinnacle run a unique business model in the bookmaking industry and this allows them to operate the smallest margins. The result is, they have the best odds most often, including the betting exchanges. Put simply, anyone looking for the biggest prices will more often than not come back to Pinnacle.

Prices / Odds rating 5/5


Pinnacle’s unique approach to bookmaking will come as a breath of fresh air to sports bettors everywhere. What they lack in fancy promotions, graphics and bonuses, they more than compensate for by offering truly great odds. An industry average overround on a market would be something like 108%, whereas Pinnacle bet to an average of 103%. These tight margins, as well as allowing the markets to shape themselves over time (rather than taking a position on a market and influencing it to suit themselves) allows the customer to get real value.

As a bookmaker, they don’t charge commission either, meaning that their odds offer more value even than the betting exchanges, which are famous for being superior to most online bookmakers in terms of odds. Casual bettors may not see much benefit to Pinnacle’s approach, but dedicated bettors most definitely will.

Overall Rating 4 / 5

Rating 4.15 by BetPal