The LA Dodgers are on a rampage but if there is one starting pitcher that could stop them in their tracks, then this is definitely Cliff Lee. Philadelphia counts on its best pitcher to put an end to the streak of four consecutive defeats at Citizens Bank Park while attending LA’s old winning streak in the process.

Match: Philadelphia vs LA Dodgers

Bet: Philadelphia

Odds: Winner Sports 2.00

Cliff Lee saw his ERA rising above 3.00 after losing three consecutive decisions and conceding more than five runs per game. Even so, his numbers are better than those posted by his counterpart while both of them are tied at 10 victories. Zack Greinke by comparison lost only three decisions in 2013 and his ERA is shrinking after a string of impressive performances on the mound. He requires minimal support and lasts on average 7 innings, which means that the bullpen is making more of a guest star appearance.

LA Dodgers won eight consecutive games and lead the Western division, but they have the third record in the National League and St. Louis Cardinals are within striking distance. They’ve posted solid numbers in Philadelphia, but they are yet to find a way to outplay Cliff Lee, a starting pitcher that always give them a run for their money. Gonzalez and Puig are the two players that the visitors rely on for scoring runs and they have good reasons to be confident in their abilities, as they have scored in consecutive games.

BetPal Tip:

This is the worst possible time for Philadelphia to face the Dodgers, as the two teams are the opposite end of form. On the bright side, they have their best starting pitcher ready to play and there is no pressure whatsoever weighing on their shoulders, as their chances to make the playoffs are all but gone. That’s why it is worth backing the Phillies at even odds with Winner Sports.