The team was already struggling in 2015, but had a decent chance to build something for the future as the NBA trade deadline drew near. The management made a few decisions that are unlikely to help the team in the future, while this season, they are expected to sink even further. Check out these transfers before betting against them at Paddy Power with the safety net of the NBA Insurance campaign.

The 76ers should be trying to build a competitive formation for the future, since this season is as good as lost. They have no chance of making the playoffs and as a result of their trading campaign, the odds are stacked against them for 2015. For some all reason, they decided to give up Michael Carter Williams, who is the en-titre Rookie of the Year. He will be playing for the Milwaukee Bucks ,who lost Brandon Knight and apparently won’t have to worry about the quality replacement.

The reason for why Philadelphia decided to trade one of the most promising player remains uncertain, but it is very likely that they will end up regretting this decision. Equally surprising is the choice of selling KJ McDaniels to Houston, while the Rockets gave them Isaiah Canaan in exchange. He doesn’t play that often and used to be a reserve for the Rockets, so it is unlikely for him to meet the high expectations. The acquisition of JaVale McGee who used to play for the Denver Nuggets is another potential time-bomb, as he spent many games on the bench mending injuries.