Justin Bieber has announced that he is challenging Tom Cruise for a MMA fight, and therefore, it is  the biggest happening this year in the world of celebrities and it got full attention from the Media. Now it’s up to Tom Cruise to accept the challenge to make it happen. If he accepts the challenge, then we have one of the most unexpected fights in history to look forward to. The fact is that already today you can place a bet on who you think is going to win the fight at Paddy Power. The favourite at the moment to win the fight is Tom Cruise.

How to bet on the fight at Paddy Power

The big bookmaker Paddy Power offers odds on the fight, even  though it is not confirmed that the fight is happening. To see the odds on Paddy Power you can follow this link

To place a bet on the fight you need to have an account at Paddy Power. It’s free to open an account, but you need to have funds on your account to place bets. As soon as you make a deposit you can place your bets on the Bieber vs Cruise fight.

Follow these simple steps on how to place your bet on the fight:

  1. Login to your Paddy Power account.
  2. Under “Sports”, go to “TV Specials”
  3. Here you choose “MMA Specials” under “Specials”


Who will win the fight?

As stated, Tom Cruise is the favourite to win according to the odds. How and why is Tom Cruise the favourite?

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Ok, he has shown his skills in a lot of action movies, but is that enough proof to make him the favourite, he’s almost 57 years old. Justin Bieber is only 25, so there’s a big difference in age here. Justin Bieber is in good physical shape, and he has also trained with one of the best boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather. Justin Bieber is well prepared and serious about the fight. There shouldn’t be a problem for Bieber to win the fight.

Why Paddy likes Cruise more?

The odds is in Cruise favour because the bookmakers see him as a tougher guy both mentally and physically. But what Bieber has shown the last years is that he can overcome almost anything. He had his problems with addiction and depression, and is today standing stronger than ever.

Worth mention is that he also have the advantage in height, Bieber is 5 cm taller than Cruise. It means that his reach is better. We have seen it a lot of times in UFC that the fighter with that advantage win the fight.

What is the story behind the fight?

Everything started with a tweet from Justin Bieber on the 10th of June where he wrote that he challenge Tom Cruise for a fight, and in the same tweet tags Dana White if he’s willing to arrange the fight in UFC.

We don’t get the whole story behind why Bieber challenge Cruise for the the fight. But the big UFC star Conor McGregor tweeted back to Bieber that he is willing to arrange the fight.

McGregor challenge Mark Wahlberg

In all the hype around the tweet that Bieber wrote, McGregor follow it up with a tweet where he challenge Mark Wahlberg in a fight at the same event. It will not come as a surprise as he is well known to write controversial tweets.

The tweet where he challenge Mark Wahlberg is not a spontaneous reaction to Bieber’s tweet, it’s well planned as McGregor always had the intention to own shares in the UFC, and Mark Wahlberg is one of the shareholders in UFC, so he hope that Mark Wahlberg will use some of he shares to put at stake for the fight, and if McGregor win the fight he can get the shares that way.

You can go to Paddy Power today to place your bet on Tom Cruise or Justin Bieber, and if Tom Cruise doesn’t accept the challenge you will receive all the money back that you placed on the bet.