Sports enthusiasts and punters who have established a strong presence on social networks have a new reason to rejoice. Paddy Power is the first bookmaker to launch real money sports on Facebook as the gaming group recently announced a brand-new betting platform.

For the time being only members from the United Kingdom will be eligible for placing real money sports bets on Facebook. If the project proves to be a success and all indicators suggest that it will be a huge hit, the concept will be expanded beyond borders and all Paddy Power players will enjoy unrestricted access. The betting platform is in the trial phase and it will first be available for desktops first, but it is only a matter of time until it will be made compatible with mobile devices.

While Paddy Power thrives to make the service easily accessible to all its members, the bookmaker promises to run a comprehensive age verification checks. The purpose is to prevent underage Facebook users from placing wagers through this platform. When it will be launched, this technology will represent a milestone in the betting industry and it is only natural to expect other bookies to embrace the concept.

Paddy Power is already concerned with extracting the most from social networks in general and Facebook in particular, and it monitors the aforementioned network as well as Twitter. Right now they are limiting themselves to evaluating the impact of their marketing campaigns, but they will take things to the next level by launching this real money sports platform.