One of the most popular basketball promotions of the year is about to end at Paddy Power, so fans of the sport should take advantage of the last two weeks. They have until March 31st to cash in on the NBA 20% ACCA Bonus which applies to all betting slips that contain at least 5 selections.

The maximum stakes are limited to $500 or currency equivalent, but even so there is plenty of money to go around and the offer include all Totals, Match Betting and Handicap bets. Before going straight for the $1000 maximum bonus payout, check out the news about the Portland Trailblazers. These guys have consolidated their formation in the wake of the trade deadline and are chasing another playoffs berth.

The team from the West Coast is still leading the Northwest division and has a significant advantage over runner-up Oklahoma. Their chief concern is to keep players fit and add some depth to a starting formation that features a couple of great players. They were in dire need of a reserve swingman to replace Nicolas Batum if his injuries and fitness concerns will continue to keep him away from the basketball court.

The solution was provided by the Denver Nuggets, who had a quality shooting guard in Arron Afflalo and apparently were willing to trade him away. With an average of 14.5 points per game, he is a great starter for those games where Batum is not available and could even end up as a permanent replacement.