Popular online bookmaker Paddy Power has launched a brand new social sports betting game called BetDash, which promises big rewards for a small stake, as well as a whole lot of fun into the bargain. Test your sports betting skills and banter with your mates for as little as £2, or even for free!

Paddy Power‘s BetDash game can be played for free, or for a stake ranging between £2 and £50, with as much as £4,000 of real money to be won depending on the size of your wager.

Each BetDash player is given £100,000 in virtual money to gamble on any sports betting market offered by Paddy Power. Football, horse racing, tennis, cricket, golf, darts, rugby, snooker – BetDash allows you test your sporting knowledge in any field you can think of.

The object of BetDash is to turn that virtual starting bankroll of £100,000 into a million pounds, within a 21 day time limit that starts as soon as you register to play. Prizes are awarded according to how close the player gets to achieving that goal, as well as their choice of real money stake. Anyone successfully reaching a million pounds will be credited with 15 times their stake, with other prizes awarded on a sliding scale.

For example, if a BetDash player chooses to stake £5 of real money, they will win £75 for hitting the million pound target, but if they only reach £700,000 they can still win £30, or £10 for reaching £300,000. The maximum stake is £50, where the jackpot is £750. Participants are not allowed stake more 20% of their available bankroll on any single bet, making it all the tougher to reach the million pound target.

Players also have the option to play a more conservative BetDash game, where the prizes are smaller, or a risky game, where the rewards are greater. When playing BetDash in risky mode for a £50 stake, the maximum win is an impressive £1,000! When playing for free, there is no option to change the game type, and any player achieving the million pound target will be credited with a £2 credit to play BetDash for real.

All BetDash players successfully hitting the million pound target will then enter the Bonus Round, where the rules go out of the window and players must try to spin the £1,000,000 up into £100,000,000!

The prize money for making the initial million is guaranteed, but Bonus Round players have the opportunity to win even more money, with a maximum of £4,000 up for grabs for playing BetDash in risky mode with a £50 stake! Free players successfully reaching £100,000,000 will earn £10 of BetDash credit.

The more you play BetDash, the greater the chance of unlocking “Boosters”, which will help you on your way towards the million pound target. Free bets, win bonuses and larger maximum stakes are just some of the “Booster” bonuses available to BetDash players.

The best bit about BetDash though, is the social aspect. You can follow your mates and compare results, as well as mocking their selections with a “Laugh” or just outright copying them! If you think a bet sucks, you can “Challenge” it, giving you further opportunities to win money to add to your virtual bankroll.

BetDash is a totally unique social sports betting game, offered by the good people at Paddy Power. Check out www.betdash.com for more information, and play along today!