Bingo is massively popular in the US and has been for many years. However the days of little old ladies tottering off to Bingo halls are changing. There’s now a silent online revolution taking place across the United States with people starting to play from the comfort of their own homes instead of heading out to play Bingo.

Bingo in the US is Expanding Rapidly

The Bingo game industry is growing rapidly across the globe and is now pulling in a massive revenue of $10 billion in the United States alone. That’s around half of the total worldwide revenue of over $20 billion from Bingo.

In the US this is being generated by a whopping 60 million Bingo players across the country who are either regular players or just enjoy an occasional game. Per year, they make up a massive 1.2 billion visits at bingo halls across the United States. That’s quite a crowd!

People are Switching to Online Bingo

Many people are new being attracted towards playing Bingo online by the numerous advantages that it offers over the traditional Bingo Hall experience.

For a start, there’s no need to leave your house and possibly even your bed! It’s easy to get some Bingo action from anywhere via a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or even mobile device.

Many online casinos are expanding to include Bingo games in their offering making it easier to find somewhere preferable to play. This also increases the range and volume of signup bonuses that are now on offer to new players. Players are getting tempted by the tasty offerings from many online casinos, which help them to boost any initial deposits they make.

This means that new players can sometimes try out Bingo gaming online for free and with little financial obligation if any. Very often these kind of offers cannot be matched by the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ Bingo Halls which have many more overheads to cover.

Availability of Online Bingo in the US Increasing

Players in the US are often limited when it comes to online casino gaming due to some pretty tight restrictions. It can be a much greater effort to find sites that work for them than players in Europe for example. The situation is similar with online Bingo games.

Thankfully, as this popular national pastime expands its reach and audience, the number of online bingo sites accepting US players is growing rapidly. The situation is getting better for anyone who wants to play online Bingo in the US as each day passes.

It looks like this upward trend is set to continue as more and more online casinos accept players from the US and tempt them in with some healthy bonus offers.

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