Despite squandering a two-point lead, Toronto emerged victorious in the first confrontation with the New York Rangers this week. They will have a hard time replicating that result at Madison Square Garden, where the Rangers have crushed top opponents in early April.

Match: NY Rangers vs Toronto

Bet: NY Rangers

Odds: Unibet 2.05

The Rangers took advantage of Pittsburgh’s frustration following the end of their lengthy winning streak and crushed them by six goals to one in New York. The Penguins were without Sidney Crosby, but this doesn’t strip NY of the merit of scoring six goals against one of the best defenses in the league. They should have a much easier task against the Maple Leafs, a team that found it almost impossible to keep a clean sheet in 2013 and tries to score one goal more than the opponents.

This tactic served them well in Toronto, where the hosts took an early lead and despite the score being leveled in the third period, scored a late goal and protected it until the end of regulation time. The Rangers have no problem in coming from behind and they are relentless in their efforts to offset even the most disheartening disadvantages. They are a much better team at home and early April results suggest that they have the potential of securing the two points well before the final whistle.

BetPal Tip:

One of the reasons for why Unibet and the bookmakers are so confident in offering odds that slightly exceed even value despite the Ranger losing to Toronto this week, is Lundqvist. The goalkeeper is perhaps their best asset and with a minimal support from his backline, he should carry the New Yorkers to another convincing home win.