The five-game series between Nashville and Vancouver was cut short by the NHL lockout, but the two teams will still square off three times this season. The first encounter takes place today, with the Predators having home ice advantage and being slight favorites to take the lead in the brief series.

Match: Nashville vs Vancouver

Bet: Over 5 goals

Odds: Pinnacle Sports 2.15

Nashville is traditionally a team that earns most of its points in front of its fans, and this season they stood true to their name by winning four of six games. If it wasn’t for the shaky defense, the Predators would have secured even more points, but unfortunately they have an average of two goals conceded per match. Goalkeeper Pekka Reine is not to be blamed for the fact that his team ranks third in the NHL at numbers of goals allowed, as he put up a convincing performance each time he was sent in the net.

The visitors are facing a similar obstacle, as they’ve been recently riding a lengthy losing streak caused mostly by defensive woes. Their inability to build on early leads led to three consecutive defeats and they’ve barely scrapped a win over Dallas in the previous match. Given the fact that the confrontation ended just a couple of hours ago, punters should bear in mind that Canadian players might still be tired tonight when facing Nashville.

BetPal Tip:

Punters might be tempted to back the hosts for a straight victory, with Pinnacle Sports offering generous odds but that would be a mistake. Those who are hell-bent on picking winners should at least take the cover of a Moneyline wager, since both the Predators and the Canucks settled many games in overtime. The best way to tackle this fixture is by betting on more than five goals to be scored with the same bookie as the odds stand at 2.15 and the stakes are returned in case exactly 5 goals are scored.