Whenever the best Canadian teams are scheduled to go head to head in a national derby, hockey fans take notice and the bookmakers strive to provide the best odds. Some might argue the Ottawa and Montreal are the finest Canada has to offer, but this confrontation will surely draw huge crowds and spark interest.

Match: Montreal vs Ottawa

Bet: Montreal

Odds: Unibet 1.92

What was supposed to be a long six games series was reduced to only four games as a result of the NHL lockout, but Canadian fans are thrilled even with four matches. So far Ottawa has the lead in the series but both victories have been secured in the nation’s capital, while their away from home performance has been mediocre to say the least. The Canadiens are red hot and the reason for why they still stand at the top of the Northeast division is that they’ve been terrific at Bell Centre.

Montreal needed an offensive boost and players capable of improving their power play, which explains why Michael Ryder was transferred from Dallas. He didn’t disappoint in the first two games and it is only fair to say that he has been the catalyst to the high scoring wins. Now the Canadiens will need to replicate the same offensive outburst against a team that is known for starting games in an aggressive mood and finishing them on their knees.

BetPal Tip:

Punters are advised to steer clear of first period bets as things can go either way with the Senators coming out firing on all cylinders. As the enthusiasm dwindles, things should follow their natural course and at the end of the 60 minutes of regulation time, Montreal should emerge victorious. Unibet will award those who trust the Canadiens with odds that are inching close to evens.