Oakland’s recent surge in the West division changed the rules of the game and turned the relatively quiet division into a volcano. The Angels are now struggling to reclaim the second place and hope that by staying within striking distance, they will get the chance to claim the first spot in the last rounds. This is why this series against the leading Rangers is the most important one they’ve played in July.

Match: Texas Rangers vs LA Angels

Bet: Texas Rangers -1,5 runs

Odds: bet365 2.30

If Texas succeeds in winning the four-game series, they will have one less competitor to worry about because the Angels will need to cover a wide gap in just a few months. For a team who spends so much on sluggers and offensive players, it is inacceptable to be shut down for consecutive games, especially against a team such as Tampa Bay. Now that they travel to pitcher friendly Arlington Park they should rejoice but there is something preventing them from looking forward with confidence.

Between a rock and a hard place

Their worries have a name and this is Ervin Santana, the starting pitcher who lost three consecutive decisions and conceded a ridiculously high number of runs per game. His ERA of 6.00 is high but it is only half as high as the earned-run average for the last four games, which makes it mind blowing that the Angels chose to send him on the mound tonight. Texas is not only the team with the best home record in the majors, but also the one with the most runs scored, which makes Santana look like a sitting duck.

Few would be surprised if Ervin will once again last only a few innings, but this time the pitcher is caught between a rock and a hard place. In addition to being completely out the form, he is in real danger of being relegated to the bullpen or even sent to the minors after this game. The Angels have no patience for starting pitchers who deny the team a chance of winning and sadly this is exactly the profile Santana has right now. His counterpart is a highly experienced player, and despite his recent struggles Oswald has a winning record and an excellent track record against the Angels.

BetPal Tip:

Sometimes it is recommended to play it safe, but there are occasions when it pays off to go a step further and take some small chances. Texas is obviously the favorite in this duel, but instead of settling for the tiny odds offered for the straight win, we can maximize our gains by betting on the run line. Bet365 will reward those who bet on the Rangers to win by at least two runs with odds of 2.30, which is great news given the fact that the host will not scrap a narrow margin victory tonight.