The Blue Jays have returned to their winning ways and it comes as no surprise that the comeback was sparked by a series with Detroit. While the Tigers are a problematic opponent for many teams, they are exactly the kind of team that Toronto likes to face at home. The explanation can be found among the starting pitchers that the visitors have available, and their recent results.

Match: Toronto Blue Jays vs Detroit Tigers

Bet: Toronto Blue Jays

Odds: bet365 2.20

Detroit is a relatively high scoring team but their batting staff simply can’t cope with the high number of runs conceded by both starting pitchers and relievers. With an average of five runs per game, they are very vulnerable against the squad that recently outscored Boston. The hosts have their own pitching woes to address, but at least their offensive is clicking and the sluggers can carry the less accurate starters. It was Toronto who won the opening match of the series and more than half of their runs were scored in a single inning that led to Porcello’s untimely retirement.

One more run scored than the opponent

This seems to be the strategy that the Blue Jays have perfected lately and it is one that won’t carry them into the playoff, but can secure a victory against Detroit. Hernandez Alvarez is the main beneficiary of this attitude, because despite his ERA of 4.61 he has a decent chance to tie the number of victories and defeats. He was the lucky winner of a decision in the game against Boston despite giving up seven runs in a bit over five innings, because the batting squad offset the handicap and cruised to a 15-7 victory.

Anibal Sanchez is yet to get familiar with his new surrounding and although the Tigers try to make him feel at home in Detroit, the pitcher is struggling to find his pace. He played for the Marlins for over six years and he will probably need a few more games to adjust to playing against American League teams. A rocky debut won’t help him a bit, but unfortunately this is exactly what he is looking at. The Blue Jays seem to have recaptured their form and are going to keep him under siege for as long as he stays on the mound.

BetPal Tip:

The home pitch advantage is huge for Toronto who secured most of the victories at Rogers Center and this clash with Detroit will only improve their record. Bet365 is very generous when it comes to the odds for a home victory, and 2.20 for a game where the hosts have a slight edge is a good incentive to back the Blue Jays.