Oakland adds win after win and their pitching efficiency is only surpassed by their offensive prowess, but somehow the odds are still raising. The bookies were proven wrong once again as the A’s cruised towards a convincing victory in the opening match against Toronto, but they didn’t learn their lesson. The visitors are once again regarded as the underdogs, even though all the facts point into the opposite direction.

Match: Toronto Blue Jays vs Oakland Athletics

Bet: Oakland Athletics

Odds: bet365 2.20

Following an historic four-game sweep over the Yankees, Oakland gave its youngest pitchers the chance of proving their worth away from home. Blackley and A.J. Griffin are both rookies and they have many things in common, including the spectacular 2.70 earned run average. Blackley netted his third victory yesterday and given the way he pitched recently, Griffin has an excellent chance to join him. A.J has faced better teams than Toronto this year and neither the Yankees, Red Sox of Texas bested him so far.

A deadly combination for Oakland

The only reason the A’s have only 52 wins is that throughout the season their offensive was mediocre and the pitchers had to carry the team. July changed everything and for the first time in 2012, the starting pitchers feel that they are not alone because the batting staff is providing them with all the support they need. That is exactly what happened last night when Oakland’s slight lead was extended by five runs scored in the seventh inning, immediately after Cecil was retired.

Toronto is caught between a rock and a hard place tonight, because neither its starting pitcher nor the bullpen can be trusted. Ricky Romero is in free-fall and with five defeats in a row is no match for an offensive minded team such as the one he will face on Rogers Arena. Except for the home pitch advantage, which clearly made no difference tonight, the Blue Jays are trailing in every possible way.

BetPal Tip

Winning streaks are built and shattered overnight, but Oakland fans shouldn’t worry too much about their team coming to a screeching halt. The A’s have the better starting pitcher, a red-hot offensive and a sky-high morale further boosted by the categorical victory in game one. Bookmakers usually know more than what punters assume they know, but not even the bookies are infallible and when bet365 leaks odds as high as 2.20 for the better team, there is no time to lose.