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Seattle vs Texas August 27 2013 Betting Tip

Seattle is once again depending exclusively on its starting pitchers to win a series against a divisional rival, but they started on the wrong [...]

St Louis vs Cincinnati Reds August 26 2013 Betting Tip

St. Louis and Cincinnati meet in one of the most important series for these divisional rivals, as they are chasing the leading Pittsburgh. The [...]

Chicago White Sox vs Texas August 23 2013 Betting Tip

Once again Chicago White Sox is riding a hot streak, that unfortunately for them, it won’t take them anywhere because they’re already out of [...]

San Francisco vs Pittsburgh August 22 2013 Betting Tip

Once again the central division is the most competitive one in the National League and Pittsburgh is battling St. Louis and Cincinnati for the [...]

Milwaukee vs St Louis August 21 2013 Betting Tip

St. Louis and Milwaukee split the first games of the series and the Cardinals are in dire need to win the third, to stay [...]

Baltimore vs Tampa Bay August 20 2013 Betting Tip

The Orioles need to win the series against Tampa Bay if they are to keep their faint playoff chances alive but they are fighting [...]

San Francisco vs Boston Red Sox August 19 2013 Betting Tip

The reigning champions are struggling at the bottom of the Western division and all they can do is to slow the Red Sox down. [...]

Milwaukee vs Cincinnati August 18 2013 Betting Tip

15 points separate Milwaukee from Cincinnati, but in the current series the Brewers are ahead and one victory is all they need to win [...]

San Diego vs NY Mets August 17 2013 Betting Tip

San Diego is tied with reigning champion San Francisco but for all the wrong reasons, as they sit at the bottom of the West [...]

Philadelphia vs LA Dodgers August 16 2013 Betting Tip

The LA Dodgers are on a rampage but if there is one starting pitcher that could stop them in their tracks, then this is [...]