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MLB Betting Tips

MLB July 25 Toronto Blue Jays vs Oakland Athletics

Oakland adds win after win and their pitching efficiency is only surpassed by their offensive prowess, but somehow the odds are still raising. The [...]

MLB July 24 Houston Astros vs Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati is officially the best team in the National League as their 56 wins cement their position at the top of the leaderboard. A [...]

MLB July 24 Toronto Blue Jays vs Oakland Athletics

Money makes the world go round, but the NY Yankees find that hard to believe after getting swept in Oakland by the team with [...]

MLB July 23rd St Louis Cardinals vs LA Dodgers

The reigning champions picked up the pieces after the All-Star Game and are back in the race for the elusive playoff spot. This is [...]

MLB July 23rd Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubs

If someone would have said back in April that the Pittsburgh Pirates will hold the best record in baseball on home pitch, most punters [...]

MLB July 22nd San Diego Padres vs Colorado Rockies

There is no surer or faster way for those who bet on baseball to go broke than by underestimating the bookies and assuming that [...]