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MLB August 9 St Louis vs San Francisco

The Western division of the National League might not be the most competitive one in the majors, but the duel between San Francisco and [...]

MLB August 8 Detroit Tigers vs NY Yankees

Many people feel that betting against the New York Yankees when they have C.C. Sabathia as starting pitcher is like going against Barcelona when [...]

MLB August 8 Tampa Bay Rays vs Toronto Blue Jays

Even with two wild cards being offered this season for each conference, Toronto seems unable to grab either of them and unless things change [...]

MLB August 7 Boston Red Sox vs Texas Rangers

Texas is still leading the West division and is tied for the lead in the American League with the New York Yankees, but the [...]

MLB August 7 Cleveland Indians vs Minnesota Twins

The odds might have indicated the fact that Minnesota was the underdog in the opening match of the series against Cleveland. Recent performance, the [...]

MLB August 6 Cleveland Indians vs Minnesota Twins

Cleveland is trying to avoid its 10th consecutive defeat, in a match against the surprising Twins who won seven out of ten games. Starting [...]

MLB August 6 Philadelphia Phillies vs Atlanta Braves

Very few pitchers undergo Tommy John two surgeries and return on the mound, and even less manage to pitch as well as Ben Sheets. [...]

MLB August 5 NY Yankees vs Seattle Mariners

Ichiro Suzuki faced off with the only player in Seattle’s rotation that came remotely close to his popularity with the Mariners, and it was [...]

MLB August 5 Boston Red Sox vs Minnesota Twins

A Danish proverb says that if something happened once, there is a chance for it to happen again, but if it happened twice, it [...]

MLB August 3 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

By winning this series, the Tigers hit two birds with one stone because they close the gap separating them to Chicago while pushing the [...]