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MLB August 21 Philadelphia Phillies vs Cincinnati Reds

For the first time in more than a decade Cincinnati can rest assured that its playoff spot is not endangered by divisional rivals. The [...]

MLB August 20 Seattle Mariners vs Cleveland Indians

Despite trailing in the West division, the Mariners are not playing like a last-placed team and the fact that they’ve put together a five-game [...]

MLB August 20 Oakland A’s vs Minnesota Twins

Despite a phenomenal streak in July and a decently good run in August, Oakland is still trailing the teams who currently hold the two [...]

MLB August 19 Milwaukee Brewers vs Philadelphia Phillies

No victory is useless for Philadelphia and even though the series can no longer be won, the Phillies have the chance to end it [...]

MLB August 19 Atlanta Braves vs LA Dodgers

The race for the wildcards continues in the wild west and Atlanta is in the best position to secure one, but the Dodgers are [...]

MLB August 18 Oakland A’s vs Cleveland Indians

Oakland has slim chances of winning the division, but their chances of advancing into the playoffs are decently high given the fact that two [...]

MLB August 18 LA Angels vs Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay is on a roll and even though it is a little too late to push for the lead in the Eastern division, [...]

MLB August 10 L.A. Angels vs Seattle Mariners

Last time Seattle won a match was when they had Felix Hernandez on the mound and after a four-game losing streak, they have their [...]

MLB August 10 Chicago White Sox vs Oakland Athletics

Pressure is killing the White Sox and now that Detroit needs a single victory to overtake them in the central division, Chicago can’t afford [...]

MLB August 9 Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds

It is already too late for Chicago to turn around a catastrophic season, so the eight-game losing streak is nothing more than another slump [...]