The Western division of the National League might not be the most competitive one in the majors, but the duel between San Francisco and Dodgers is fascinating. These teams have swapped positions several times this season and for the time being, it is the Giants who hold the top spot. What’s even more impressive is the fact that San Francisco overtook their rivals following a series with the Cardinals.

Match: St Louis vs San Francisco

Bet: San Francisco

Odds: bet365 2.30

The Giants are not the kind of team that you’d expect to score 15 runs in a single match, but that’s exactly what happened last night when the visitors thrashed St. Louis. In addition to showcasing an unexpected offensive prowess, San Francisco proved once again that it holds one of the most effective pitching staffs in MLB. With Bumgarner on the mound they should be able to replicate that success, even though they will need every help they can get from their offensive players.

Wainwright is the man to beat

San Francisco scored 10 of its 15 runs after the Cardinals’ starting pitcher was retired, which suggests the fact that the Giants need to force Wainwright out of the game quickly. This is of course easier said than done, because Adam conceded an average of less than two runs during his last four games and he’s been very sharp at home all season. Unlike many pitchers who prefer to play it safe and walk the most dangerous opponents, Wainwright has no hesitations in throwing strikes whenever he has the chance.

This kind of bold approach made him a feared pitcher, but what usually works like a charm can prove to be Adam’s undoing. The Giants are red hot offensively and if they are given the chance to score home runs, they won’t miss out on too many opportunities. Wainwright is the man to beat and if he fails to last more than six innings, the Cardinals’ shaky bullpen might once again bury the entire team. Bumgarnen has an ERA of only 3.03 and didn’t concede more than two runs in any of his last five starts.

BetPal Tip:

It’s not customary to back the visitors at Busch Stadium but it is just as unlikely for San Francisco to score 15 runs away from home. It is worth giving it is shot, especially now when the bookies are overpricing the Giants with odds of 2.30. Bet365 is the place to go for those who sense of value in this kind of bet, because the appearances are deceiving and St. Louis doesn’t start with the first chance.