Many people feel that betting against the New York Yankees when they have C.C. Sabathia as starting pitcher is like going against Barcelona when Messi is in excellent form. Without minimizing their merit, the Yankees are after all a team that wins around two games out of three which is impressive for MLB but not frightening. Trusting Detroit to extend its winning streak tonight is not a gamble but a wise move.

Match: Detroit Tigers vs NY Yankees

Bet: Detroit Tigers

Odds: bet365 2.20

The Tigers have won six games in a row, including the first two against New York and they are now tied for the lead with Chicago. The White Sox will most likely win their fixture as well which compels Detroit to frustrate the Yankees even further, this time with Sabathia on the mound. Given the fact that the Tigers already scored 13 runs in the first two victories, it is not far-fetched to expect them to drive in a few more even with this stellar pitcher opposing them.

Hard times at Comerica Park

Sabathia won both games played against Detroit this season, but overall he has a mediocre record at Comerica Park as his previous four games ended in defeats. C.C. conceded an average of seven runs per game and not even the celebrated Yankees’ offense could save him. The New Yorkers scored just seven runs in two games and both Granderson and Jeter were unable to extend their hitting streak, with Curtis being the weakest link in the Yankees’ rotation.

On the other side we have a slugger that seems impossible to stop even by Sabathia himself, as Cabrera continues his impressive streak against the Yankees pitching squad. He is currently hitting .355 and leads in both RBIs and homeruns, which makes him a real threat whenever the Tigers have the bases loaded. Cabrera has been particularly dangerous in the last innings and with the visitors struggling to revive their shaky bullpen, Miguel is in a great position for driving in a couple of more runs.

BetPal Tip:

The role of the starting pitcher is once again exaggerated by bookies and Bet365 credits the Yankees with the first chance simply because Sabathia will pitch tonight. Unless C.C. lasts over seven innings, the danger posed by Cabrera and other hot hitting Tigers will escalate and eventually lead to a couple of runs. Sanchez doesn’t have the same reputation as his counterpart, but Detroit’s starting pitcher has conceded less than four runs per game this season and should be able to fend off the Yankees in the first half.