The odds might have indicated the fact that Minnesota was the underdog in the opening match of the series against Cleveland. Recent performance, the better starting pitcher and a vastly superior offensive squad suggested otherwise, and those punters who were brave enough to go against the odds won some easy money. They can do it again tonight when the Twins are greatly underpriced and should get away with another victory.

Match: Cleveland Indians vs Minnesota Twins

Bet: Minnesota Twins

Odds: bet365 2.06

Just as predicted, Morneau and Mauer blasted their way to another convincing victory by scoring a pair of home runs and hitting hard the Indians ‘starting pitcher. Zach McAllister looked like a shaky starter and his lack of experience generated a lot of questions about the hosts ‘decision of using him. Even so, nobody expected Zach to last less than two innings and to concede a massive ten runs during the second round. Cleveland can blame its pitching squad for losing 10 games in a row, but McAllister’s meltdown was something out of this world.

Don’t lose your money on Martingales

It is certain that sooner or later the Indians will put an end to their losing streak and some people would be tempted to back them by using the martingale system. Given the fact that the odds for a home victory are close to par, tripling the stakes game after game should in theory generate some profit when Cleveland earns its first victory. After ten consecutive defeats some would be encouraged to begin such a system, but starting tonight looks like a terrible idea.

Not only the odds offered by Bet365 and other bookmakers are revolving around the value of 1.85, therefore the potential profits would be tiny, but everything suggests another victory for Minnesota. Their starting pitcher for instance is Samuel Deduno who didn’t lose a single decision this year and has an earned run average of only 2.48. He is more than a match for Cleveland’s shaky batting staff, something that can’t be said about the Indians ‘starting pitcher Corey Kluber. In his last outing he conceded five runs in the first inning and has a shameful ERA of 12.46 while still looking for his first victory this season.

BetPal Tip:

The only advantage the Indians have tonight is the fact that they play in front of their fans, but this will only amplify the pressure on their shoulders. They need a miracle for Kluber to last more than five innings and if Mauer and Morneau’s bats don’t suddenly cool off, the Twins should cruise to another comfortable victory away from home.