Texas is still leading the West division and is tied for the lead in the American League with the New York Yankees, but the Angels have come dangerously close. A series with the Red Sox should improve their recent record, but the opening game was lost by two runs to nine, which sounds like bad news for Ryan Dempster.

Match: Boston Red Sox vs Texas Rangers

Bet: Texas Rangers

Odds: bet365 2.04

Recently acquired from Chicago, Ryan was hit hard in his first game for the Rangers and needs to rebound at Fenway against a team that Texas has recently dominated. Before this series, the Red Sox lost four of its previous five matches and their opponents scored three times as many runs, but their fortunes seem to have changed. Dustin Pedroia, Carl Crawford and Jacob Ellsbury were in superb form last night and retired Darvish in less than seven innings. It will be slightly more difficult against Ryan Dempster who has an ERA of 2.82 and lost just five decisions this season while playing for the Cubs.

Better support for Ryan Dempster

It is quite a shame that such a skilled starting pitcher would waste his talent playing for a team such as the Cubs, that was unable to provide him with a minimal number of runs of support. Ryan hoped that this problem would vanish the moment he stepped on the mound for the Rangers and tonight his theory will probably be confirmed. The Red Sox did a brilliant job offensively last night, but the role of their starting pitcher shouldn’t be underestimated.

The hosts would probably miss Aaron Cook tonight and will remember his performance with nostalgia, while seeing how Lester struggles to win his first game in more than a month. 2012 has been a terrible year for the veteran pitcher who is en route to losing his stand decision and wth an earned-run average of 5.36 he would be unfair to blame his teammates for insufficient support. Jon knows better than that and he will do his best to last for at least six innings, to give his team a fighting chance against the favorites.

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