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A Danish proverb says that if something happened once, there is a chance for it to happen again, but if it happened twice, it will surely occure once more. Sadly the saying doesn’t prepare us for events that happen three times in a row, but given Bet365’s generosity in the series between Boston and Minnesota, punters can take a leap of faith.

Match: Boston Red Sox vs Minnesota Twins

Bet: Minnesota Twins

Odds: bet365 2.75

The Twins won the opening game with ease and didn’t concede a single run despite the fact that their starting pitcher was anything but stellar. The second game was much tighter but with 6 runs scored, Minnesota triumphed and last night, the visitors crushed the Red Sox’s bullpen to recover after a 1-5 handicap. It is obvious that the Twins have regained some of their lost mojo and with another offensive outburst they can sweep a historic series against Boston at Fenway Park.

Take a leap of faith with Blackburn

A few years ago having this starting pitcher on the mound, brought comfort to Minnesota because Nick used to be one of the most constant players in their rotation. This season he is as constant as ever but for all the wrong reasons and with an ERA of 7.43 he looks like a sitting duck for Boston’s action packed offensive. The last outing though was great for Blackburn who limited Chicago to two runs in eight innings but his teammates squandered the advantage and Minnesota lost 4-3.

Now that the Red Sox are without David Ortiz and fairly vulnerable upfront, Nick has another chance to improve his dismal earned run average. Morneau and Mauer will provide him with enough runs of support and these two sluggers should be more than a match for Franklin Morales who is simply a replacement for injured Becket. The starting pitcher played most as a reliever and even though his five starts in 2012 were above expectations, he is not the best choice against a red-hot offense.

BetPal Tip:

Indicating the winner in tonight’s match is a coin flip, but one that any punter will take gladly when Bet365 gives odds of 2.75. Such games radiate value through all their pores and these are the opportunities that you can’t miss when betting on baseball. Minnesota showed extreme resilience in the first three games of the series and has enough depth to cause another shock at Fenway Park.