By winning this series, the Tigers hit two birds with one stone because they close the gap separating them to Chicago while pushing the Indians out of the playoffs race. Following a dismal stretch, Cleveland now sits on the third place and it is most unlikely for them to turn their fortunes around in a series with Detroit.

Match: Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

Bet: Detroit Tigers Run Line -1,5

Odds: bet365 2.00

Facing Doug Fister doesn’t help either and we have good reasons to expect the visitors to trail after the first five innings, a scenario that the Indians are very familiar with. An unreliable pitching staff is hurting their chances game after game, and Jimenez proved to be an uninspired acquisition. He was already in a slump when the Rockies traded him, and American League stadiums didn’t help him improve his earned run average or increase the number of victories.

Some justice for Fister

While Jimenez couldn’t possibly blame his teammates for his 10 defeats, Doug Fister was surely unhappy with the support provided by the Tigers. With an ERA of only 3.77 he is finally gaining some traction and tonight he will most likely narrow the gap to a single victory. Last time he faced the Indians, he conceded only three runs but the batting staff betrayed him again and Cleveland finally won by three runs to two.

Fister was not the only inspired transfer that the Tigers made this season, with Prince Fielder being arguably the most resounding acquisition. Last night he homered when his team needed him most and with the bases loaded, his blow caused an uproar in the stands of Comerica Park. It was the second consecutive game for Fielder to score a homerun and given Jimenez’s style of pitching, we are entitled to expect Price to add a third tonight. Manny Acta is running out of solutions and his hopes of bringing his team back on track will probably be crushed before Jimenez is retired.

BetPal Tip:

Only a miracle can save Cleveland tonight and the odds reflect the slim chances the Indians have away at Comerica Park. Bet365 raises the antes for those who are willing to back the Tigers all the way and the Run Line bet offers juicier odds of 2.00. As with all lopsided games, the odds will decrease as the start of the match draws near, so those who favor Detroit tonight shouldn’t waste time and place the bets soon.