Nobody really expected the Angels to sweep the Rangers at home, but following the impressive victories earned in the first two games of the series, this naïve thought emerged. Texas was quick to crush it and Los Angeles had to settle for a tie, following two heartbreaking defeats. A pitching meltdown caused them a very important series and now they hope that Zach Greinke will help them rebound.

Match: Chicago White Sox vs LA Angels

Bet: Chicago White Sox

Odds: bet365 2.25

Everyone was talking about this pitcher before the trade deadline and both Los Angeles and Chicago were interested in his services. It was not an inexpensive acquisition to make, but given the way Greinke pitched in 2012 it looked like a good idea to spend some more for getting him. On the long run, Zach might prove a poor investment because his health issues are rather serious and the longer he spends with the Angels, the lower his reseller value will be. For the time being these calculations are less important, because what matters is what Greinke is capable on the mound.

More than a match for Greinke

Despite his certain qualities and the ability to pitch deep into the game, the White Sox are clearly unimpressed with Zach and they have good reasons to be confident. They’ve lost just one of the last nine games against him and their offensive is in superb form especially in those games played in front of the fans. Chicago outscored its opponents at US Cellular Field and won 10 out of the last 11 games, with a batting average of .321.

Given the fact that Greinke already lost the game for the Angels and the last week has been particularly stressful for the starting pitcher, it would be interesting to see how he withstands Chicago’s offensive barrage. The hosts trust Philip Humber to replicate his stellar performance against the Rangers, but they will also need to provide him with more runs of support if Philip is to add his sixth victory in 2012. His overall ERA is not impressive, but the 5.90 percentage can be improved tonight against LA Angels.

BetPal Tip:

Don’t let the hype surrounding Zach Greinke fool you, because even though he is a versatile and very constant starting pitcher, Zach can’t defeat the White Sox on his own. The hosts know how to retire Greinke early and even though their pitcher is not so prominent, Humber is no pushover when he is in good form. Bet365 likes you to think that the Angels are favorites to win, and back up their arguments with odds of 2.25, which represent an additional reason to back Chicago tonight.